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How to become a Property Manager


In the past, most property managers began their careers as onsite managers of apartment buildings, office complexes, or as employees of property management. As they gained skills working in these positions, they would take on positions with greater responsibility at larger properties. Onsite managers that were successful would often go on to become assistant property managers where they would learn new skills handling other aspects of property management.
Real estate sales agents make excellent onsite managers because of the skills they have developed showing apartments and offices. Building maintenance experience is useful onsite managers due to their knowledge of building mechanical systems, but this is becoming less common, with prospective employers placing greater emphasis on administrative, financial, and communication skills.

Many of today’s property management agencies hire college graduates for property management positions, looking for degrees in business administration, accounting, finance, real estate, or related fields. Good communications, computer, and financial skills are essential in all areas of property management. These new assistants work with a property manager and learn how to prepare budgets, market property to prospective tenants, and collect rent payments. These assistants advance to property manager positions as the required skills are learned.


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