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What is a Property Manager and what are the distinctions?


What does a property manager do

Property Managers
Are hired by Property Owners to run the daily responsibilities connected to renting property. While responsibilities vary they generally include:

• Finding quality tenants for the Rental Property
• Conduct Lease Negotiations and Agreements with prospective tenants
• Facilitate repairs and general maintenance of the Rental Property
• Resolve tenet issues that arise concerning the Rental Property
• Clean and prepare the Managed Rental Property for new tenets

Residential Property Manager
Management and oversight of residential locations such as Houses, Condos, Apartment complexes, Mobile Homes etc.

Commercial Property Manager
Management and oversight of Commercial Property, such as Office space, Warehouses, Retail / Store fronts, etc.

Vacation Home Rental Manager
Management and oversight of Short Term Rental Properties, such as weekly vacation homes, Bed & Breakfasts, Cottages, etc. A Rental Manager will typically only manage daily operations: keys, regular maintenance, and upkeep.

Long Term Rental Manager
Management and oversight of Long Term Rental Properties, such as Town Homes, Apartments, Homes, etc. A Long Term Rental Manager will typically conduct lease negotiations, facilitate repairs, and find prospective new tenants.

Onsite Property Managers
Manages a specific property like an apartment complex, or Mall. Managing on location makes them immediately accessible to residents, and allows them to inspect any issues first hand.

Offsite Property Managers
Are usually less directly connected to their properties. An off site Property manager might have several properties they are overseeing at different locations. While they may still be easily accessible, they are not on location.



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