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They are responsible for the upkeep of the common areas of one or more buildings. The management agency may also be responsible for the financial accounting of the association as well. Some of the different Association types include:

• Home Owner Association (HOA)
• Condominium Association
• Business Parks
• Developer Properties
• Transition Properties

Home Owner Association
The group created by the developer of a community of homes to take over responsibility for the common property of the community, consisting of all property owners in the community.

Condominium Association
The group of owners of individual Condominiums within one or more buildings. The Association maintains common areas of the buildings, grounds and recreational facilities.

Business Parks
A group of commercial or office owners that share a common set of facilities, such as parking lots and landscaping, with the purpose of maintaining these common areas.

Developer Properties
A community that is being developed by one or more builders, with common area such as private roads or parks that are maintained by the developers.

Transition Properties
Properties that have been completed by the developers, but have not yet been formally turned over to a Homeowners Association.

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