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Long Term Rentals

Units that normally rent for periods in excess of one month, and frequently the period is in terms of years. Long Term Rentals frequently involve a Lease, and may involve residential or commercial property. Managing a Long Term Rental usually involves the following:

• Finding quality tenants for the Rental Property
• Conduct Lease Negotiations and Agreements with prospective tenants
• Facilitate repairs and general maintenance of the Property
• Resolve tenet issues that arise concerning the Property
• Clean and prepare the Managed Property for new tenets

Find Quality Tenants

Long Term Rental Managers are expected to check references of prospective Tenants for the Property, and frequently will check the credit history as well. This is done to protect the property from excess damage caused by the tenant and to improve the likelihood of the Lease payments.

Conduct Lease Negotiations

A Residential Rental Manager is usually authorized to conduct Lease negotiations within the guidelines set by the Property owner. Once the Lease amount is agreed to, the Property Manager ensures the the proper Lease contract is signed by the Tenant.

Facilitate Residence Repairs

A Long Term Property Manager will arrange for the repair of the Leased Property and ensure the quality of the work. The Manager will also determine whether the repairs should be billed to the tenant, or are caused by normal aging of the structure.

Resolve Tenant Issues

Long Term Rental Managers work with the Tenant to resolve legitimate issues that arise during the Lease Period, such as building maintenance and landscaping.

Clean and Repair Residential Property

A Long Term Rental Manager is will arrange for the cleaning of the Property between tenants, as well as inspect the property for damage caused by the previous tenant and arrange for repairs.

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