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What are Commercial Real Estate Leasing Properties

Commercial Leasing Properties
Any Real Estate that is rented to prospective tenants for the purpose of conducting a business venture. The rental agreement is usually in the form of a Lease for a period of at least six months and may include these sample types of properties:

• Retail or Store Front Property
• Commercial Warehouse Property
• Industrial Property
• Service Provider Property
• Commercial Office Space

Retail or Storefront Property
Retail property typically refers to a building where the primary use is to attract customers for the purpose of selling a product in person. When a tenant rents or leases a portion of a building for this purpose, the portion used by the tenant is a Storefront. Small portions of the space may be used for storage or office space, but the main purpose is to display products for sale.

Commercial Warehouse Property
A Warehouse is usually a larger building that is used to store products until they are sold in bulk or needed for stocking a Retail store. The structure may have small areas devoted to office space or a small Storefront, but most of the building is used for storage.

Industrial Property
An Industrial Property is devoted to the manufacturing of a product, which is then sold to a retailer or, less commonly, to individual customers. The structure may have small areas for storage of finished good, office space, or Storefront, but the primary purpose is to convert raw materials into finished goods.

Service Provider Property
A Service Provider Property is one that is used as a location to provide a service to a customer. An example of this type of property would be a doctor's or dentist's office. The structure may have areas devoted to office space or other uses, but is used mainly to provide a service.

Commercial Office Space
Office Property is used to maintain records and generate reports for a business. The structure is not intended to attract customers, and frequently, customers must get permission to enter a building that is used for Office Space.

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