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Real Estate Tips for the Property Manager


Other compensation methods for real estate pros.
Learn about different ways of pricing real estate services. The straight commission business model is alive and well, but there are a number of others.
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How Real Estate Agents Get Paid
Broker and agent commission split, 100% commission, referral fees, and other real estate agent compensation models explained.
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Is Commercial Real Estate for You?
There is an allure to commercial real estate. Many a residential real estate agent has considered the switch. However, know what's required first.
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What are Your Real Estate Ownership Rights?
The bundle of rights that the owner of real property has are those legal rights of ownership including, enjoyment, exclusion, disposition, possession and control.
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Why Fiduciary Duties are Like an OLD CAR
Real estate agency law says that a real estate agent who takes on the capacity of agency has certain fiduciary duties toward clients.
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What Can an Un-licensed Real Estate Assistant Do?
Take care in assigning duties to an unlicensed real estate assistant, or if you are one, make sure you know what you are allowed to do.
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The Surprisingly Simple Way to Make Money in...
Many real estate investors, both new and very experienced, have made a lot of money using assignment contracts. Learn the basics here.
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6 Reasons to Consider a Career in Real Estate
Real estate career benefits are many, and include the ability to be your own boss, set your working hours, and control your success.
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Types of Real Estate Encumbrances Explained
Learn the types of encumbrances on real estate properties, including liens, deed restrictions, easements, encroachments and licenses. Real estate encumbrances can adversely impact the sale of a property.
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Is a Career in Commercial Real Estate Agent...
Commercial real estate agents have unique work environments and income structures that may not be right for everybody.
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10 Real Estate Financial Calculator Problems...
A spreadsheet real estate financial calculator solution. Set up to quickly calculate the top 10 valuation and profitability factors.
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WordPress Makes a Great Real Estate Website
Can you have a full-featured real estate web site powered by Wordpress? You bet you can. And you can pick up some great features from the thousands of Wordpress plugins.
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The Fast Real Estate CMA Spreadsheet
If you need to do a fast comparative market analysis form and have three comparable properties, here's a CMA to make it easy.
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Can You Use Another Person's Land for a Road?
Real estate easements are a person's or government's right to use land owned by another. Easements can be conveyed by deed or by court order.
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Check Out 6 Ways Real Estate Can Make You Money
Real estate investment property provides numerous advantages. Some real estate investment benefits include capital gains tax waivers.
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Commercial Real Estate Types
Commercial real estate agents and brokers can choose from several specialty types of properties to work with.
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Top 10 Successful Real Estate Agent Tips
Top 10 tips to become a successful real estate agent.
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Understanding the Income Method of Real Estate...
Appraisers and real estate investors use the income method to value properties that produce rental income in some form.
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6 Tips for Future Real Estate Agents
If becoming a real estate agent is in your career plans, pick up some tips here about how to become a successful real estate agent.
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Responsibilities of a Real Estate Property...
Real estate property management is an area of specialization that involves four basic areas of responsibility including administration and marketing.
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A Rental Property Cash Flow Example
Many a wealthy person got that way with real estate. A smart buy on a rental property and good management delivers great ROI.
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What's in a CMA?
A good comparative market analysis, or CMA, is simply defined as one that helps to yield an accurate and reasonable listing price for a property.
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Depreciating a Rental Property
One of the advantages of owning rental real estate is tax deductions that offset income from operations of that property and others in some cases.
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Top 3 Real Property Types
Basic description of major types of real property as marketed by real estate agents and brokers. Vacant land, residential, commercial are included.
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How to Calculate the Gross Rent Multiplier in 5...
Gross Rent Multiplier or GRM is a tool used to assess the approximate value of a rental property by comparing its rental income with like properties.
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Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment?
Find out how real estate can increase the value of your portfolio. Recent history shows that real estate has outperformed other types of investments.
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Insider's Guide to the Real Estate Business
Learn the ins and outs of real estate agent compensation. Fees, commissions, agent and broker splits, referral fees, 100% commission agents and more are explained here.
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The Simple Way to Determine an Income...
If the net operating income of a property is known, and it is divided by the capitalization rate for similar properties, value is the result.
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How To Calculate Net Operating Income for an...
Net operating income or NOI is the monetary result of subtracting operating expenses from Gross Operating Income.
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Ways to Terminate Real Estate Easements
Easements generally pass along with ownership changes in real estate. However, there are ways of removing an easement.
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