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What are Vacation Rental Properties

Vacation Rental Property

Any Property that is rented to prospective tenants for the purpose of providing living quarters while the tenant is on vacation in the area. The rental period is usually for less than one month and may include these sample types of properties:

• Single Family Homes
• Condominiums
• Townhomes
• Villas
• Cottages
• Cabins

Single Family Homes

Residential Properties where the building is designed to be occupied by a single family, not divided into separate dwellings. Access to any portion of the house does not require leaving the building and using a separate entrance.


A condominium, or condo, consists of units in a multi-unit dwelling where each unit is individually owned and the common areas such as hallways and recreational facilities are jointly owned by all the unit owners in the building. Normally, a homeowners association, consisting of all the members, manages the common areas through a board of directors elected by the owners.


In the United States, a Townhouse commonly describes a two story, owner-occupied housing unit that shares a wall with one or more neighboring units. The primary difference between a Condominium and a Townhome is that the individual unit occupies two or more floors of the structure.


This type of home is typically located in rural or suburban areas and will usually include a garden and yard. Four or more bedrooms are typical in a villa and the property should be in an upscale neighborhood.


A Cottage is normally a small dwelling located in a rural area or village. The term is most frequently used to a weekend or summer vacation home for a city dweller. The owner of the Cottage would frequently rent the Cottage as a source of income when he was not occupying it.


A small, roughly built structure, usually with a wood exterior and typically found in rural areas, usually with only one or two rooms. Larger or more refined Cabins are frequently referred to as Chalets.

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